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There’s the Rub
The barbecue world has a “Boogie Chillen” problem. Almost three decades ago, John Lee Hooker’s publisher sued ZZ Top for cribbing, in the band’s hit single “La Grange,” the “Boogie Chillen” guitar groove—a-how how how—from Hooker’s 1948 blues song. B
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Finding Bliss in the Blue Ridge Mountains
When Melanie and Peter Birch were considering a second home, they dreamed up what the perfect Blue Ridge retreat might look like. Huge windows that showcased the surroundings, ample space for strolling with their three dogs, access to world-class gol
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South Carolina
Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (1876–1958), a leading figure of the Charleston Renaissance, was known for her dreamy watercolors of marsh vistas. But the creative also painted portraits, sketched architectural drawings, and started a local movement of art