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It’s A Funny Old World
“ When Shirlie was pregnant with our son Roman, now 27, I was working in America a lot and travelling back and forth. Just before he was due, I was offered work filming in Los Angeles. The producers asked if I could fly over, but Shirlie was eight-an
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Here To Help
Q My father is still living on his own at 87. He has travelled down to us each year for Christmas from Scotland on the train. I don’t think he should do that this year and I’ve offered to drive up and collect him. He’s furious and says I’m treating h
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4 Fixes For... A Stutter
Don’t interrupt or criticise any child, keep the home calm, speak slowly, and encourage taking turns and listening within the family. Encourage what seems to help your child’s fluency – chat about what you’re doing together, playing, walking to schoo