BARE, led by Jeon Jinhong and Choi Yunhee since its establishment in 2014, has carried out research-installation-projects primarily through the medium of exhibitions. SPACE hears the story behind BARE (Bureau of Architecture, Research & Environment), which proposes a new architectural method that will actually work while raising new questions through research and installation rather than through display as construction or representation of physical buildings in our rapidly changing times.

Park Semi (Park): When I looked through the list of BARE’s projects, I observed how different your projects are in terms of type, method, and orientation from those of other architectural firms. Over the course of about 20 exhibitions and research projects in the seven years since BARE’s establishment in 2014, you have produced architectural meaning, blurring the boundaries between buildings (reality) and exhibitions (representation), unlike other architects who deal with display as supplementary. I would like to hear more about the background to the orientation in your work.

Jeon Jinhong (Jeon): We met each other in the Crossings Workshop at Hooke Park when we were studying at the AA School in the UK in 2006. Staying together there during the vacation, this workshop had been planned to make students create a new structure in the forest. What I found most interesting about this brief was that we had to do everything ourselves in order to realise something in a self-sufficient way, such as selecting the trees in the forest, cutting them, moving them, and installion. Rather than planning and executing everything in advance, we had to cope more immediately with situations in the field, examining conditions and actively drawing upon them. Throughout this process, I was able to keep exercising my imaginative faculties to create with my mind and think with my hands,

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