The Hug

This building is located between a newly-developed apartment district and a residential area.

Instead of a classic church building with a cross on its rooftop, the pastor requested a different kind of church which is open not only to its

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Hwang Yongchul Peter Cook Peter Eisenman Isozaki Arata Robert Ivy Yongwoo Lee Kim Kwanghyun Sunjung Kim Kim Chanjoong Han Eunju Mann-Young Chung Sung Hong Kim Sanghun Lee Kim Jeoungeun ( Park Semi ( Ban
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UAUS (Union of Architecture University Students)
Choi Eunhwa (Choi): UAUS is the abbreviation for the Union of Architecture University Students, which is comprised of 21 universities and about 300 to 400 student members. It is a large organisation. Please explain how the union is structured. Jung
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Archat is a quarterly magazine first published by architecture students in Seoul in the autumn of 2017. According to the Archat Editorial Team, their aim is to ‘introduce the latest architectural trends through their own text, looking into the realit