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I’m a Nurse in New York. Teachers Should Do Their Jobs, Just Like I Did.

Schools are essential to the functioning of our society, and that makes teachers essential workers.
Source: AUDRA MELTON / The New York Time​s / Redux

The other day my husband, a public-school teacher in New York City, got a string of texts from a work friend. After checking in on our family and picking up their ongoing conversation about books and TV shows, she wrote, “So, are we going on a teacher strike in the fall?”

“What!? No!” My husband is adamantly against a strike, because he understands on a deep, personal level his duty to serve his country in the classroom.

[Dave Grohl: In defense of our teachers]

We have two young children, one of whom is developmentally disabled, and I’m an intensive-care nurse. Through the spring, I took care of COVID-19 patients at the

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