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Top Marks!
My two-year-old spaniel does not see where the dummies that I throw during lessons fall. I also shot several pheasants last season and he stopped and looked at me instead of watching them fall, which made the retrieves more difficult. How can I get h
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‘Horses For Courses’
I have a Suzuki Jimny for my rabbiting trips and I think it’s a great vehicle. What do you use for your work and why? Ed says: Back in the day, I owned a Suzuki SJ410 and had some good nights in it with both shotguns and rifles. These days I tend t
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Up The Ante
At some point you will have to up the ante (and add temptation) by using some cold game. This will certainly increase the possibility that the young dog will try to snatch it from the older dog. To begin with, I will get the experienced dog to hold o