This will put you to sleep

IT STARTS ON A CRISP WINTER NIGHT. OUTSIDE IT’S dark and cold, the grass already coated with a thick, white layer of hoarfrost. Inside I sit—wrapped in a blanket, drinking my hot chocolate, surrounded by the orange glow of candlelight, with lavender incense diffusing into the air—slowly and purposefully crafting a tale. One designed to send millions of people, like you, drifting off to sleep.

It sounds like a peaceful scene. One so soporific I might send myself off to dreamland before I’ve finished my story. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Earlier in the day, everything was frantic. With deadlines looming, calls to make and emails to answer, is why many of us are losing our ability to drift off naturally.

Anda sedang membaca pratinjau, daftarlah untuk membaca selengkapnya.