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isn’t a deep, philosophical masterpiece—far from it. Instead, it’s a bunch of corny dialogue interspersed with intense scenes of fighter jets flying at the speed of sound. But with likable characters, outstanding action, and a killer soundtrack, the film would go on to become

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High-Definition Sound
WHEN I FIRST ran across JBL’s HDI series loudspeakers at the 2019 CEDIA Expo, I was struck by the line’s upscale looks and substantial build quality. The brand’s new speakers seemed more akin to the Revel models also being shown in parentcompany Harm
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Meet the New Boss
THREE YEARS AGO, Sony introduced the VPL-VW885ES, a 4K LCOS projector with a laser light engine. I found the 885ES to be capable of throwing high-quality images when I reviewed it, but in the end wasn’t fully enamored with the new projector. Basicall
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The Road to Utopia
SOME MAY see France’s Focal as a maker of $100,000-plus speakers and $4,000 headphones. But while the company does maintain a high profile in the high-end through products like its Utopia towers, the reality is that Focal makes speakers—and headphone