Country Style

Grandma knows best

YOUR GRANDMOTHER made me put my hand inside a duck that your father had just shot,” my mother recalls, as we speak on the phone. “I was 22 years old. Your dad and I were just married and she told me it was our job as women to gut this duck and get it ready for the table. When I put my hand in there, it was still warm. I never

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Overflowing With Love
“‘PLANNING A WEDDING IS HARD!’ they said. I say: try planning a wedding during a pandemic, in an environment of ever-changing restrictions, guidelines and risks. My now-husband Chris hails from Mundubbera, Queensland, where his parents owned the loca
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Colours Of The Land
ARTIST DELVENE COCKATOO-COLLINS walks through the gentle morning light that falls across the Myora Springs on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, then stops to greet a sleeping koala perched in the branches high above her head. The Quandamooka woman
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THIS ELABORATE BOOKCASE, MADE BY GERMAN SETTLERS, IS ON DISPLAY AT THE ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. GERMAN IMMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA began in the 1830s and continued throughout the 1840s. Many came as experienced winemakers and by the late 19th ce