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Knowing how to communicate with your boss can help reduce friction. If you’re new to working with them, consider asking these questions upfront. However, keep in

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Finding Freedom
Starting school at the age of three seems to have been a sign that Kagiso Msimango’s life and career would not follow conventional patterns. The years that unfolded since this early educational start have been a roller-coaster ride. Since graduating
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Are Your Feet Telling You Something?
Tingling or burning sensations in your feet at night Leg fatigue or pain Noticing wounds on your feet or toes but you don’t feel any pain and have no idea how you got them Wounds, blisters or sores that just don’t seem to heal Your feet feel cold to
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This issue is the most bittersweet issue I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting together. I am signing off as editor of TRUE LOVE magazine. A magazine I have loved since I knew how to read. A job I dreamt of before I knew that it was attainable. An ex