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Cosmic Connection
The planet of communications, Mercury, is quite active. All the links that Mercury is making this week are harmonious. If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s that we all need to communicate, otherwise life gets extremely lonely. Whatever is o
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George Clooney ‘I’m Very Lucky To Be Doing What I Love!’
More than 40 years after landing his first acting job, George Clooney still feels incredibly fortunate to be working in Hollywood. “I used to cut tobacco for a living for three dollars and 33 cents an hour,” reveals the 59-year-old star. These days
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Diana’s Dress Recreated
It took 1600 hours of work, 100 metres of lace and a 7.6 metre train – it’s no wonder the original designer of Princess Diana’s wedding dress described The Crown remake as “like seeing a ghost”. David Emanuel, who created the 20-year-old’s historic g