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THE MONTH OF OCTOBER IS bittersweet for me. It is sweet because my mother was born in October. October is bitter because Ray, my godson, died in a one-car

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Wednesday, September 23
MY CHILDREN WERE STUDENTS WHEN the “See You at the Pole” movement started in the nineties. Each September on the fourth Wednesday, I dropped them off early to pray with their classmates before school. After our nest emptied, I forgot about the event—
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Sunday, September 6
I JUST LOVE PETER, DON’T you? I’m certain his character is central to the story of Jesus because he is most of us. We might read the story and admire John, see Jesus as the hero and Judas as the villain, but without Peter, I wouldn’t relate to it nea
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Thursday, October 8
FOR WEEKS, I’D BEEN PRAYING for my friend. She was far from home, staying near a university hospital where her son was being treated for a complex and devastating disease. One day she emailed and said, “I could’ve never imagined that I’d experience t