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WHEN I WAS A YOUNG mother, there was always too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Between working, cleaning the house,

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Tuesday, September 15
I HAVE A STUDENT IN freshman English who is sixty years old. He told me he joined the army to get the GI Bill, so he could go to college over forty years ago. Instead, he went to Vietnam. When he came home, he said, he was too messed up to start coll
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Friday, October 16
I SMILED AND ASKED THE customer, “How are you today?” “Fine,” she answered curtly. Her face, however, told a different story. You could see her sadness. The woman was frowning and looked heartbroken. Maybe she’s just having a bad day, I thought. She
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Saturday, October 31
MY THREE TEENAGE BOYS ARE constantly trying to talk me into watching scary movies. I will have none of it. I get anxious enough watching the news. There are enough things to be scared about in this world without watching terrifying cinema. The older