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Monday, February 8
LAST WINTER I DECIDED TO attempt transcription and captioning work from home. The work was more challenging than I imagined. I would select a project, and the audio would be faint and crackly. The various people speaking would be difficult to identif
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Thursday, January 7
LADIES FROM MY BIBLE STUDY introduced me to picking a theme word for the year. The subject came up several weeks into the year, but when I heard it, I knew right away what my word was. Before I could open my mouth, a wise and older mentor who knows m
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Sunday, January 10
IT WAS A TYPICAL SUNDAY morning at our church—except for one thing: two spaces down sat a man I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s not that he hadn’t wanted to worship with our church family, but he’d been incarcerated for seven years. This was his fir