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Saturday, May 1
MY DRIVE INTO WORK TAKES me down the California coastline. The view is spectacular. The cliffs to my right disappear into the crashing waves below. As I drop into the small coastal valley, the beach curves past the mountain range that frames the seas
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Tuesday, June 15
HOW HAD THE DAY GOTTEN away from me? It was almost dusk, and I hadn’t exercised. With darkness encroaching, it was too risky to ride my bicycle, so I’d walk. I grabbed my headphones and set out, anxious to catch up on the news of the day as I exercis
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Wednesday, June 9
OUR FRIENDS HAD JUST GOTTEN a new fishing boat and invited us on an outing. The forecast was sketchy: storms would be skirting our fishing grounds throughout the day. We delayed our departure, hoping it would clear but ended up heading out in the ove