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Look What’s Inside...
Idon’t know what I was doing years ago when Grey’s Anatomy was all anyone could talk about, but somehow the show passed me by. Then, in the throes of lockdown a few months ago, I discovered the medical drama… and McDreamy! (for those who don’t know,
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Back In The Spotlight!
After her career-making role as Dr Ellie Sattler in 1993’s Jurassic Park, Laura, 53, stayed on the fringes of Hollywood until 2017 when she thrilled TV audiences with her role as the feisty Renata Klein in Big Little Lies. She has since won an Oscar
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If Chris Hemsworth and his mum Leonie, who were celebrating her 60th birthday, were on the lookout for flaws in their gene pool, we’d say they’d be looking a long time! You know how the saying goes... no hat, no play! But not for Rachael Finch and