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Wren, I think of you…

T was an emotional day when the youngest members of the Buckland Clan left the family home, and I’ve been fretting about them eating properly and making new friends ever since. Irrational, I know – especially since their biggest threat is being killed by

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This Week It’s: Wonderful Witch Hazels
I’VE always had a soft spot – albeit a cold one – for witch hazels (forms of hamamelis). In the depths of winter, when there is precious little other garden colour available, they produce their spidery, richly coloured flowers on otherwise bare branc
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Hardy Annuals And Cuttings
I LOVE the sight of a vibrant summer garden packed with a mixture of plants and colours, perennials, grasses and annuals creating one beautiful whole. There isn’t much we can do with the perennials and grasses right now as they are quietly going abou
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Best Veg To Grow In ’21
CONTINUING my run-down of good homegrown vegetable choices from last week, using the EW King catalogue (but not exclusively), I’m going to start with parsnips. There are two contenders: the most popular commercial one is Parsnip ‘Panorama’ and the ot