To visit the home of any architect is to unmask their preoccupations and passions, and over the decade I have been writing about the work of architect John Wardle I have become fascinated by the way his endless curiosity reveals itself in his interior spaces.

Even by the standards of a career crammed with accolades, 2020 has been a highlight: he was named the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal Winner and Phoenix Central Park, his private gallery (with adjoining performance space by architects Durbach Block Jaggers) for arts philanthropist Judith Neilson, swept the board at the NSW Architecture Awards, including winning the prestigious

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Editor’s Letter
Well, see you later 2020 – you were a bit of a niiiightmare – and hello 2021! I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist – deluded as it often is – I always think, keep on forging ahead – show up, do the work, be enthusiastic and everything wil
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Seeking Susi
“THE SUN NEVER KNEW how great it was until it hit the side of a building,” said Louis Kahn, the great American architect. His comment is what comes to my mind when looking at the exterior of Susi Leeton’s Birch Tree House in a leafy Melbourne suburb.
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Right Now
Called on by Brickworks to reimagine the humble breezeblock, industrial designer Adam Goodrum responded with a deceptively simple geometric form that can be arranged in almost infinite configurations and patterns. Perfectly marrying technical precisi