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he past five years in Naples have marked some of the biggest and best moments in Leif Johnson’s life: He launched his career as a biologist at the , he met his fiancé, Katie Ferron, and he was “astounded by the beauty of Clam Bay, again and again, while studying the mangroves in)

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While opening windows or screened doors will provide increased ventilation and reduce airborne contaminants, it can be less than desirable given the Southwest Florida heat. Another option is to filter the indoor air by upgrading the filter in your HV
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NEWCOMER on Fifth Avenue South
The Aldo Castillo Gallery at 634 Fifth Avenue South is bringing paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, works on paper, digital art, and new media installations by established international artists to Old Naples. Those who have visited the Mirom
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GO LOW: Polish your look off with an embellished flat sandal or jeweled kitten heel. BLING RING: Stash your touch-up and night-in necessities in a circle-handle handbag. SHINE BIG: Opt for one major piece of statement jewelry to accent your ensemble.