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The Night Sky – May
1 May at 01:00 BST 15 May at 00:00 BST 31 May at 23:00 BST On other dates, stars will be in slightly different positions because of Earth’s orbital motion. Stars that cross the sky will set in the west four minutes earlier each night. 1. Hold the cha
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Cutting Edge
A planetary system appears to have been pulled out of line by a neighbouring star Our Solar System is nicely ordered. All the planets move around the Sun in more-or-less perfect circles, and all their orbits are aligned in the same plane – like marbl
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This Month’s Contributors
Deep-sky observer “Globular clusters are among my favourite objects to view through the eyepiece and to image, which made it fun to write this article highlighting some of the most striking examples.” Ron picks the year’s best globulars, page 34 Astr