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Fao 220
After being inspired by Major Tom, my seven-year-old son completed a half-iron triathlon in the first lockdown over nine days in a time of just over six-and-a-half hours to raise money for the National Emergencies Trust. He’s a member of the Stafford
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How To Run Safely In The Dark
1 Key for remaining visible and being able to see your run path is a powerful headtorch. One with a long 50hr battery life and a mighty 500 lumens is the secure-fit HR5 CORE Ledlenser (£79.95). 2 If you don’t like wearing lights on
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Coach’s Tips Bike-speed Prep
It’s important to keep your bike well-maintained. If you clean it and care for it, you can expect better performances. Choose which measure of intensity works for you and stick with it. It might be power/pace/heart rate, but keep it specific to you.