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ALAN’S JOB OF THE MONTH Harvesting summer crops

There is something special about harvesting your own produce – a sense of achievement, yes, but also the knowledge that with the help of nature you have managed to feed yourself with no outside influences except that of the weather. The secret is to crop regularly, without waiting for fruits and vegetables to grow too large and fat. With few exceptions – such as parsnips and leeks – the younger vegetables are, the more tender and tasty they

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There is something wonderfully comforting about the company of birds in the garden, especially through the colder winter months. Whether that’s my red-breasted friends (who seems to enjoy my company as much as I do theirs!) or a fleeting visit from a
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Prepare dahlia tubers to produce early shoots for making cuttings. Pot them up in deep pots of peat-free potting compost with the tip of the tuber just at the surface once the compost has been firmed. Water and then place on a warm bench. Ventilate
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A veg-growing life isn’t all cabbages, you know: it’s a bowl of cherries, too. Make room for fruit in your plot and you’ll discover just how indulgent growing your own food can be. I never underestimate the power of a pudding in persuading reluctant