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Growing For A Big Occasion
So the decision is made, the wedding is on. The next question is, of course, ‘When?’. It’s rare that I come across couples who are married within six weeks (as I was). Most people have six months to a year of planning time. And six months will give y
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There’s nothing nicer than the jumble of colours of these zinnia flowers in a jug on the kitchen table. The blooms are spectacular, huge and long-lasting, a wonderful mix of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows. Look out for ‘Giant Dahlia Mix’ seed colle
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Euphorbia oblongata is the all-round best-looking, longest-flowering foliage plant you can find anywhere in the world. It forms the base of 95% of my floral arrangements, and lines most of the beds in my garden at Perch Hill. You never tire of its br