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Clary Sage
While sage (salvia officinalis) is generally thought of as a culinary plant, this bold blue variety of clary sage packs a punch in flower beds from May to September. Use the variety Salvia viridis ‘Blue’ to line the edge of your cutting patch – it wi
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Make Natural Confetti
Fresh petal confetti is a fantastic alternative to the shopbought, paper variety. It’s equally effective with a mix of shades and shapes or with just one colour. Flowers that work particularly well are roses, individual delphinium heads and sweet pea
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Make Origami Seedling Pots
Cultivating a flower patch is inexpensive and eco-friendly, so replacing plastic seedling pots with recycled paper versions is sure to appeal. Each pot takes less than two minutes to make, and when it’s time to plant out your seedlings you can simply