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hink in manageable squares as even a small piece of ground can make you feel unsure where to start. For the sake of easy maths, I divide my patch into squares of 25x25cm. So my 2x2m plot becomes a grid of eight by eight squares. I draw this out on a piece of paper as a start. Next I look through my list of flowers and note the recommended planting distances (see our pull-out chart

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Bishop’s Flower
Ammi majus has lacy flowers, rather like a more delicate form of cow parsley. It’s the best white filler-foliage you can grow and is spectacular arranged in a great cloud on its own. Aim to pick it just before the tiny white flowers are fully open as
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Planning Your Flower Patch
As tempting as it might be to simply toss a selection of seeds into the soil for a random, ‘country meadow’ patch, a little planning will let you maximise the amount of flowers you can harvest, and will also keep your plants happy by ensuring they ha
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Floral Thanks
Hand tying is one of the best floristry tricks you can learn. It’s a very satisfying way to make a bouquet that suits just about any type of flower so long as it has a decent stem length. Not only does it look stunning to give, it also makes life eas