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This pretty ‘Wellesley Blossom’ tablet cover comes in Cath Kidston’s trademark (and oh so practical) wipe-clean oilcloth – perfect if you’re out in the garden taking pictures, surfing the web for planting advice or typing up some notes for next year’s planting scheme. Muddy fingers won’t matter!

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A Sample Flower Patch
Think in manageable squares as even a small piece of ground can make you feel unsure where to start. For the sake of easy maths, I divide my patch into squares of 25x25cm. So my 2x2m plot becomes a grid of eight by eight squares. I draw this out on a
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Rudbeckias make truly wonderful, very long-flowering cut flowers. Belonging to the sunflower family, they come in a sumptuous mix of mahogany, nutmeg, yellow and burnt marmalade colours. Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’ is one of my favourite flowers, with
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Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’ (Honeywort) has silvery leaves with purple hanging bells, and is one of the best annual foliage plants. I absolutely love this plant, and it gently self-sows, so after your initial investment you never need buy it again.