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By Louise Curley

Frances Lincoln Limited

Through years of experience on her own cutting patch, Louise (AKA blogger ‘wellywoman’) is able to advise with confidence on the flower varieties that are most abundant, easiest to grow and which last well when cut.

We were particularly taken with the chapter on planning your patch, especially the beautifully illustrated planting plans that show exactly how to lay out a patch, along with shopping lists that indicate the type and number of plants to use. Louise

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So the decision is made, the wedding is on. The next question is, of course, ‘When?’. It’s rare that I come across couples who are married within six weeks (as I was). Most people have six months to a year of planning time. And six months will give y
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My 10 Must-have Cut Flowers
∗ COSMOS ‘PURITY’ – the ever winning, ever productive cut flower classic. ∗ COSMOS ‘RUBENZA’ – shorter and therefore ideal for a pot or smaller garden. ∗ SALVIA VIRIDIS ‘BLUE’ – my replacement for lavender, which flowers for three times as long and l
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Rudbeckias make truly wonderful, very long-flowering cut flowers. Belonging to the sunflower family, they come in a sumptuous mix of mahogany, nutmeg, yellow and burnt marmalade colours. Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’ is one of my favourite flowers, with