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Volvo Xc40 Phev
REPORT 2 £42,305/£48,105/£630 WHY IT’S HERE Does the baby Volvo work with added eco gubbins? DRIVER Sam Phillip CONSIDERING A PLUG-IN HYBRID? Wondering what sort of economy might you expect to achieve? Well, after running a plug-in XC40 for three mon
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Amy Macdonald
I don’t know where my love of cars came from. My parents weren’t that bothered – I actually passed my test in my mum’s 10-year-old Golf that had done about 100,000 miles. I was in a great position, though, because I’d just signed a record contract wh
BBC Top Gear Magazine1 mnt membacaTechnology & Engineering
Retro Dashboards
Look up the word ‘retro’ in many a thesaurus and you will simply find a picture of the C1 Corvette’s slick two-tone interior Modern car designers seem to think that screens equal simplicity. No signor, the classic Fiat 500 is simplicity. What more co