Who Do You Think You Are?


If you discover that your ancestors married in a different registration district from where they lived, you might well assume that they had sneaked

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Findmypast Builds Database Of RAF Personnel
Family history site Findmypast (findmypast.co.uk) has created a new database of 32,000 Royal Air Force personnel who were mentioned in dispatches during the Second World War. The records are transcribed from the London Gazette (thegazette. co.uk), an
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Your Ancestor’s Battles
A Royal Marine’s career records often don’t spell out the military engagements in which he was involved. Instead, they list the ships served on and the places to which a man was deployed. However, you can use this information to investigate whether h
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On page 16 Chris reveals lots of reasons why online family trees are useful. We also review his latest book Sharing Your Family History Online this month on page 83. Simon is an expert in maritime genealogy with many books to his name. He shares his