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I woke up the morning of my first keynote address filled with anxiety. I jumped out of bed in panic. The thought of standing on the stage while watching the audience staring at me escalated my terror. I paced the room repeating, “I cannot give this presentation, I cannot give this presentation …”

In a taxi on the way to the conference, I prayed

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CHRISTOPHER STOLLAR (ChristopherStollar.com) is an award-winning author, accredited public relations professional, and former reporter with a master’s degree in journalism who works full-time in marketing at Nationwide. Stollar’s debut novel, The Bla
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Becoming a Professional
When my sister’s friend lent me her copy of Writer’s Digest magazine, I studied it as though trying to pass the bar. I’d been writing for years and craved to be published. It was the summer of ’66, and I was 14 and clueless. In the boonies where I li
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A Love Letter
It’s hard to overstate just how much Writer’s Digest has survived to make it to its centennial. The Great Depression. World War II. The many wars and societal revolutions of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. The recession of the ’80s. The technological revol