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I’m going into eighth grade and I have been the new kid at school eight times. I basically think of myself as a nomad at this point. I’m 99 percent introverted, so in addition to not making friends easily I tend to not talk to them very much anyway. It’s not hard to find at least one person who you can get along with. There will also most likely be a group of friends who band around you because you’re new and interesting, and they want to be nice. Teachers will try to help you as much as possible. After the first week or so you’ll become a lot more comfortable.

Nomad Kid Down to Earth, Chatterbox

Hi, Everybuggy!

I am happy to be writing to you bugs! It is my first time in the Letterbox. I love your mag! My favorite story is “In Search Of . . .” (January–April 2019). My favorite bugs are Ladybug and Pussywillow. If you asked me to recommend a movie I’d say How to Train Your Dragon movies 1, 2, and 3! I’d also recommend and . I am one of those kids who loves, loves, loves

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