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Cora Barclay, age 10 Seattle, WA

Sea Turtle Time

The morning was dark and cold. Stars winked down from the sky and a half moon shone down.

“Varrow, wake up,” Gramps whispered, shaking me awake. “It’s sea turtle time.”

I rubbed my eyes and took in the shadows that surrounded us. It was so dark that I couldn’t see my bed. Then, a sudden jolt of electricity shot through me as I remembered. Sea turtle time. I had forgotten.

Gramps and I pulled on our heavy waterproof boots over our pajamas and heaved rain jackets on our shoulders. The front door creaked as I pushed it open and ran out onto the beach, Gramps not far behind.

I gasped. Thousands of baby sea turtles, as far as the eye could see, were stretched out upon the soft sand. But Gramps and I weren’t there to watch. We had a job. Carefully, we made our way through the mess of broken shells and little sea turtles in search of those that needed help.

I spotted one right away. A baby sea turtle was flipped on its back, unable to get right side up. Reaching my hand down, I gently picked up the fragile baby

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