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Great inventions of cycling 1869: Form

‘Form’ is simply a description of your physical ability at any given moment. “He’s got great form.” “Her form is the worst I’ve ever

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Old Winter Training Tricks Made New
Modern training is a sophisticated process for world-class cyclists. Peak performance doesn’t just happen, it takes planning, built on a firm foundation of knowledge. Winter is a key part of that plan. Before the end of each road season, team trainin
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My View…
News editor For a sport obsessed with the passage of hundredths of a second, time trialling is bizarrely stuck in the past, at least when it comes to gender equality on prize money. It’s even more odd when you consider it’s a sport that has a lot to
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Cw5000 2020 Finishers Club
Ross Duncan Elaine Scott Simon Hickman Corinne Black Giles Cudmore Alastair Flood Ali Mclean Andy Singleton Stephen Thompson Peter Harrison John Lunt Fergus Black Paul Willcox Marko Baloh Stephen Milner Lincoln Allen Dave Baxter Richard Reynolds Ian