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f you go back far enough in human history, clothes were purely practical items, used to keep off the elements or to demonstrate social status. Personal style and local cultures tended to be expressed in how people dressed their hair, wore their jewellery, or in their body markings. It’s only fairly recently that clothes became cheap enough

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So you’re forced to spend your Christmas in a drafty stately home in the wilds of North Norfolk, writes Brian Austin of Buckingham Covers, and to add insult to injury you discover that just six days into 1969 a new pair of Machin definitives is to be
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Post from Perthshire
1 A 3 cents definitive and a 10 cents featuring a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman were both postmarked ‘CALGARY. ALTA. / MY 28 / 36 / S.O.5’ with a further three additional postmarks, two on the reverse over the seal of the flap. 2 The writer specif