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SE5a Scouts

Art & Brian Irwin, Calgary, Canada

Brothers Art and Brian decided to build 1/3-scale Vailly Aviation WW I biplanes in 2017 for their club’s Battle of Britain fun-fly on Remembrance Day to honor Canadian WW I pilots Captain Fred McCall and Captain Billy Bishop. As Art writes, “Cutting two parts.]

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The Tradition Lives On!
Despite the expected fewer participants, the 2020 Top Gun Rubber-Power Free-Flight mass launch event was fun as always. Dave Platt started holding this early morning scale flyoff way back in the beginning years of Top Gun. Entry is open to Top Gun pa
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Pro-am Sport Prop Class
Built from Jerry Bates plans, Michael’s ¼-scale Dauntless has a 124-inch wingspan, is 100 inches long and weighs in at 90 pounds. Powered by a Moki 300 radial gas engine turning a 32x18 propeller, the Dauntless is equipped with Scale Sierra landing g
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Electric Ducted Fan (edf) Class
Starting life as a Freewing AL37 Airliner, Marvin’s 1/19-scale PA-8 Poseidon has a 72-inch span and weighs 8 pounds. Powered by two 70mm Electric ducted fan units and is controlled with a Jeti radio. Marvin earned a final score of 97.750. Ali’s 1/12-