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Feeding Time

as my husband and I make the drive down NM 14 from Santa Fe to San Marcos Cafe & Feed Store for breakfast. The muted gray hue of the early-spring sky accentuates the gold tones running through the grass-covered llano and makes the birds of prey that roam it stand out like black blots of ink on a blank page. I expect to find the wayward destination desolate, but—surprise!—the parking lot is nearly full.

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Fresh Meat
That smiling face at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market belongs to Antonio Manzanares, of Shepherd’s Lamb. Starting with just 30 ewes when he married his wife and business partner, Molly, he has grown their ranch in Los Ojos to more than 1,000 sheep (and f
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Ready to Soar
Gather the right tools. Bird-watching is a pretty inexpensive activity, but you need some essential tools, including a notebook, a good set of binoculars (see p. 44), and a field guide to help identify the birds you see. Every New Mexico birder shoul
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Sweet Talk
Archaeologist Patricia L. Crown has long loved Chaco Canyon, where she camped with her father as a teenager. Those trips fortified her interest in ancient history, especially Room 28 at Pueblo Bonito (built around AD 800), where 112 rare ceramic vess