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n 2020, Matrix (the Center for Digital Humanities & Social Sciences at Michigan State University) will launch a>, Emory University’s records of slaving voyages and liberation cases, and biographies collected by Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African & African American Research. At press time, the database does not have a launch date.

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Organizing Your Research Process
Follow these three simple steps for creating an efficient, purposeful genealogy research plan. For this example, I’ll identify and document my eight great-grandparents. First, identify specific questions that you want to answer, as this will guide wh
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Prussian Provinces
The Kingdom of Prussia (Konigreich Preuβen) was divided into regions, each called a Provinz. Many Provinzen had distinct historical and cultural identities, which your “Prussian” ancestors (and even their descendants today) may have identified more s
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NARA Volunteers Hit 1M Records
OVER A MILLION PAGES of National Archives Catalog content have been enhanced by volunteer “citizen archivists,” who tag, transcribe and comment on records to make them more discoverable. Between March and August 2020 (during pandemic stay-at-home ord