The meaning of life? Sitting quietly

hen I was 15, I had to write an essay on “Time”. I wrote the whole piece about the fact that I didn’t have time to write it. Looking back, I think that was rather amusing, but my teachers clearly didn’t. Their attitude was more like: why haven’t you written

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College Clubs And Societies Are More Crucial Than Ever
With a new national lockdown in place, it is a fairly safe bet that most college lecturers and leaders are not thinking too hard about the college chess club right now. Yet the value of a rich extracurricular offer cannot be overlooked as a nice-to-h
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EDITOR Jon Severs  ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR Gizem Dagli  INTERIM COMMISSIONING EDITOR Helen Amass  CONTENT CREATION William Stewart, Mary-Louise Clews, Charlotte Santry, Chloe Albasini, Julia Belgutay, Adi Bloom, Claudia Civinini, Amy Gibbons, Grainne
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Tes Focus On… Manipulation
All of us have been manipulated and have manipulated others. It’s human nature to seek advantage and to use that advantage to get someone to do what you want them to do, whether they want to do it or not. Yet “manipulative” is almost always used as a