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6 blooms to brighten borders

Lychnis coronaria AGM

hroughout summer the rose campion produces a striking display of magenta single flowers that sit above downy silver foliage. The white form is also

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3 Splendid Specimens
A generous display of large blue flowers lasts from May-August if trimmed after the first flush. Bowl-shaped blooms have white centres and are lit by veins of reddish-pink. HxS: 28x20in (70x50cm). This cultivar rivals the Armenian cranesbill G. psilo
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Freeze Company
WITH our changeable weather becoming even less predictable, we need to be careful otherwise we may get caught out. Records show that for much of the UK we can expect an occasional late hard frost in mid-May, even during a spell of warm weather. Of co
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Everlasting Flowers – No Thanks
■ We delve into the archives of Amateur Gardening to share some interesting readers’ letters, this week taken from issue dated 12 June 1926 Sir, – Everlasting flowers! Ugh! Dry, rustly, straw-like things these are. And what a contradiction of terms i