on the task at hand, to deal with an abnormal situation and determine the correct remedy without freezing in place—that’s the type of resilience pilots strive for. Another form of resilience: surviving the ups and downs of a cyclical industry by keeping a pragmatic yet positive attitude throughout. Such resilience leaves a pilot, or a company, poised to take advantage

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The Question
I read Peter Egan’s columns in Cycle World and Road & Track for three decades of my life. I try to emulate his candor and colloquial storytelling style here on these pages. Every so often, Peter would put together a humorous top-10 list. If memory se
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Why Pilots Must Demonstrate Risk Management
You can imagine our deep sense of grief when occasionally we’d return to a city on our ground-school circuit and someone would say, “Did you hear about Bill?” “No,” we’d say, “what happened to Bill?” They would then explain the aircraft crash that ha