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enjoyed reading [Rob Mark’s] article on training, [“Regulation or Inspiration?”] in the September issue. It was a good recap of industry efforts to lower the accident rate. I wish I could agree that the [General Aviation Joint Steering Committee] has been as successful as the [Commercial Aviation Safety Team], but it hasn’t. The GA fatal-accident rate has been flat for 20 years.

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Diamond DA20-C1 and DA50 RG
The single-engine-piston side of the house at Diamond Aircraft has made forward progress through the third quarter of 2020, with the restart of production of its two-seat training airplane, the DA20-C1, and debut of its retractable-gear single, the D
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The Question
I read Peter Egan’s columns in Cycle World and Road & Track for three decades of my life. I try to emulate his candor and colloquial storytelling style here on these pages. Every so often, Peter would put together a humorous top-10 list. If memory se