Flight-Test Update

forward and aiming for the sky with its flight-test program. Officially launched in 2019, the new challenger in the ultra-long-range segment is

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Managing Risk
I’ve long been a believer in regular, periodic proficiency training. A basic flight review every two years does little to ensure our readiness for the challenges that flying presents when we least expect it. When I worked at the Cessna Aircraft Compa
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Angle Of Attack
Early on, pilots are taught that safety of flight depends on, among other things, a consistent flow of air across the airfoil and a positive angle of attack to produce lift. AOA is the angular difference between the wing’s chord line and the relative
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Moment of Decision
Airline flying is pretty cushy work most days, particularly at the major US carriers, with largely reliable aircraft, a fairly robust support network, and nearly universal procedures that keep everyone on roughly the same page. Most airline pilots, b