I live in the Deep South, and I emerge from summer begging for a massive cold front to clear the Florida/Georgia state line and bring some much-needed relief from the blistering heat and stifling humidity. Come the end of September, I am aching for sight of high cirrus, introducing a phalanx of low cumulus, chased by a sneaky layer of stratus, followed by a boisterous wall of classic embedded frontal thunderstorms. This is the only cure I know for summer in the South.

As that first front arrives, I’ve just about had my fill of limiting the bulk of my flying to early mornings and the occasional evening, which is when the daily tropical-air-mass thunderstorms that build along the

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Sign Off
What organizers cheekily termed “Osh-Polu” gathered pilots on the Big Island of Hawaii in August for awards and flying camaraderie. The fly-in took place near Hawi, Hawaii, at Upolu Airport (PHUP/UPP), which features a single runway (7/25) 3,800 feet
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Pipistrel Panthera
After flying the Pipstrel Panthera’s first US flight on August 25, Right Rudder Aviation in Inverness, Florida, announced that they are now the exclusive dealer for Pipistrel’s slick new composite four-seat airplane in North, Central and South Americ
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Getting Started
The building was a hulking blue, metal-sided affair, pockmarked by a nondescript door and a window air conditioner—but no window. It might have been difficult to reconcile the uninspiring appearance with the promise held within if not for a sign that