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Amoret Ferreira Upington Create Ceramics Drawing inspiration from the Kalahari Desert, the plains of the Karoo and the abundant fynbos of the Cape Peninsula, Amoret Ferreira creates ceramic plates, bowls and jewellery with unique handmade designs. Small batches of each design are painted onto the bisque-fired.

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WHO Jana Leonard WHERE Durbanville, Cape Town BUSINESS Baskiti HER WORK During the initial 21-day Covid-19 lockdown, Jana Leonard’s 14-month-old son practiced his ball skills with their veggies! Jana’s solution was Baskiti, a beautiful range of hang
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Cat In Heat?
Suzanne Erasmus of Pinelands writes I recently became a cat owner; how do I know if she is in heat and is there anything I should do? Valdette Müller, veterinary sister and owner of shingavet.co.za, replies Unspayed female cats will eventually reach
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Food & Drinks
Let’s Cook: Delicious yet Nutritious Easy Meals and Treats for Kids and Teens (R290, Penguin Random House) by Ms Sibalicious herself, Siba Mtongana, is jam-packed with recipes including tasty lunchbox snacks and morning munchies like batters, eggs, p