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Farewell SP Balasubrahmanyam: The ever-smiling face and emotive voice

Singer SP Balasubrahmanyam has died. The voice that sang for actors across generations, from MGR, Rajinikanth, Salman Khan, Kamal Haasan to Shah Rukh Khan, has fallen silent.

For many, it was news that they were dreading for weeks. So, it was no sudden shocker. But the magnitude of it was no less. “SPB no more,” said a message on the journos WhatsApp group. And then confirmation started pouring in.

main spb instagramThe ever-smiling golden voice of Indian cinema. (Photo: Instagram/@ispbofficial)

Sripathi Panditaradhyula Balasubrahmanyam, or SPB as he was popularly known as, has been a part of every Tamilian movie-goer’s life. My association with his music started with the" from the movie (1991). As a die-hard Rajini fan, Thalapathi was a must-watch and I remember dancing to the song as a kid in the movie hall, much to the entertainment of my family others seated in the box. What energy that man’s voice had!

Anda sedang membaca pratinjau, daftarlah untuk membaca selengkapnya.

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