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The much anticipated easing of global Covid-19 lockdown regulations and opening of our international borders for tourists have finally

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The Stories Behind Some Of My SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHS
We all have photographs that, while they may not be the ultimate in photographic art, are memorable and have a special place in our heart. Here is a look at some of mine – photographs I have shot over the years that have a special meaning to me and t
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A Great Moment To Witness…
It was during an afternoon drive that we encountered a troop of vervet monkeys in the road (H4-1). The young ones were playing together, chasing each other. Nearby was a herd of impalas grazing. I stopped the car as I didn’t want to disturb the monke
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KNP HISTORY: History Of Camps
» Pretoriuskop (-25.169299, 31.268669) – The first rest camp and gateway to the Kruger National Park « Joep Stevens is a keen historian who was introduced to the Kruger National Park by his parents in 1966. This ignited his interest in and passion f