Cricket Magazine

The Traveler

Part 2

Wandering around after school one day, Jamie finds herself in an unfamiliar part of town. Lost and with night falling, she follows a white cat up to a ramshackle house filled with valuable antiques. An old man named Eddy lives there, and over tea and cakes, he tells her that he’s a time traveler. He says he brought Caesar, the white cat, home with him from Persia. He claims to have sailed to the New World with Christopher Columbus and helped George Washington Carver discover the fifty-ninth use for the peanut. When Jamie gets up to leave, Eddy hands her some coins so she can call home from a gas station pay phone. He also tells her that he would be glad if she came to see him again. At the gas station, the first coin refuses to fit into the slot. Looking closely, Jamie sees a heavy gold piece with Roman numerals and Latin inscribed around a man’s leaf-encircled head. The coin looks ancient.

The next day Jamie walked up to the same rundown house. It was Saturday afternoon, and

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