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Ringwood Publishing is a Glasgow-based independent small press publishing fiction and nonfiction with a Scottish identity.

‘We publish fiction and nonfiction across a range of genres, but all, to some degree, share a Scottish link,’ said submissions manager Kevin McGowan. ‘Owing to our size, and as an independent Glasgowbased publisher, we really do strive for that connection to Scotland, which results in a consistent yet eclectic catalogue – we have everything from a guide to the geology of Islay to a horror

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US magazine Brilliant Corners focuses on jazzrelated poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Check out the website and guidelines carefully. Read a couple of issues before submitting. Subs are open until 1 May 2021, by post, but include an email address for
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Make ‘em laugh
One of the least obviously important, but strangely powerful effects of the Covid pandemic is the way it has stifled gossip. Publishing is an industry which has always thrived on gossip and with a nearly endless stream of lunches, launches, parties a
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Subscriber Spotlight
‘Now I know why authors say that publishing a book is like having a baby; it’s not just the long gestation period, which is often much longer for a book, but it’s because you have no idea what it’s like before you do it,’ writes subscriber Laura Besl