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Fuzzy Fruit
If you travel to Te Puke (teh POOK-ee), a town on the northern coast of New Zealand, you will see strange orchards. Instead of rows of trees, these orchards have rows of short wooden frames called pergolas, on which twining vines grow. The fuzzy, bro
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Fast Facts
» A sheep named Chris may have had the record for amount of wool sheared. It took five people 42 minutes to remove 89 pounds of wool » Did you know that President Woodrow Wilson had a flock of 48 sheep on the White House grounds during World War I?
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The All The Blacks
The most successful rugby team in the world is the New Zealand All Blacks. They have achieved three Rugby World Cups and have a win-rate of more than 75%, something no other team can say. But how has a nation of just 4.8 million people mastered an en