South African Home Owner

Beautifully BOLD

“My home is my small world.” – the home owner

‘‘My home is my small world,” says the owner of this striking contemporary home. “I love that it is big, beautiful, comfortable and – most importantly – homely. It’s where my

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Living in the HERE AND NOW
To me, contemporary home décor and design can be defined by the elements and features found in our living spaces that strongly represent both the present and the future. Contemporary design is about creating liveable spaces that celebrate both curren
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CityBirds’ Dashiki chest of drawers is functional and gives any interior space an African modern contemporary feel. These Shelley Maisel ceramic bowls are decorative, yet functional. Based in Noordhoek, Cape Town, Shelley Mais
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Conservational COMFORT
These owners, who were looking to downscale to a smaller property, certainly weren’t cutting back when it came down to value, style and aesthetics. What makes this build unique is that the property had to be constructed in such a way that it fitted o